Why do you love Kusadasi? "2"

"N.B-Walraevens" very beautifull town and friendly people

"G. Rebic" Every summer I work in Kuşadası as tourist guide. Every year i cant wait to come there and meet with my friends. I love that city, and you can see its picture on my cover photo. Someday, i will buy house in Kuşadası, hopefully near marina, and life will be so wonderfull. Cant wait to go there again, and untill then, thank you for your pictures of this great town :)

"I.B. Jørgensen" Got house there , because i love it.

"B. Baerwald" love kusadasi because i go there every year since 1998 and i love the people ...and i love the city, the beaches, life around...the bar street, the old town bars...everything!!

"A. Yılmaz" Because its my home country.. ‎...and I spend all my holidays there since 1986... Long Beach... Thats it... :)

"S.B. Brom Because" I lived and worked there one year in 1998 and miss Kusa a lot ...

"S. Gillin" my second home ♥

"I. Docheva" I just fell in love with Kusadasi! It's places, the great people, the beaches, the weather, the atmosphere! And I met such great friends and a very special person :) Just love it!!! This summer I will enjoy my summer holiday at Kusadasi...again!

Answers from facebook/kusadasibenim !

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